Using Your Personal Brand to Get More Interviews (podcast)

Robert Moment is an interview coach and author. He specializes in job interview coaching ideas, tips and strategies that help ambitious people get hired for jobs and make more money. He is the author of several books including Interview Tips and soon to be published, How to Answer Interview Questions.

GIVEAWAY: Listeners should stay tuned to the end of this podcast for details on how to get a free copy of Robert's new book. We’ll be giving away a few copies.

1. Lets start by Defining Personal Branding?

2. What are the key benefits of Personal Branding?

3. How can you gain visibility and credibility with Personal Branding?

4. How can you get more job interviews and job offers using Personal Branding?

5. How do you use Social Media for Personal Branding?

6. What are some of the Do's and Don'ts of Personal Branding?

7. What are the keys to Personal Branding success?

8. Can you share some tips for building a strong online Personal Brand?

9. What is the first step our listeners can take to start building their Personal Brand?

10. Last words of advice for our listeners on Personal Branding ?

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