Top 5 Jobs Skills Necessary for Success

The definition of success can be quite elusive. There are a number of people who equate success with monetary gain and high profile reputations. But, for the majority of those of us traversing this planet, success can be better defined as achieving one’s goals. And, thankfully, due to the enormous variation among personalities, beliefs, and ideals, our goals can be as vast as our gifts and talents.

However, there are some things that hold true no matter what our behavioral bent may be. In truth, at some point, most of us will need to acquire a full time, financially sustaining, career. That brings us to the necessity of learning the job skills for career success, which are sometimes different than our personal success expectations.

Skills Necessary for Today

No doubt we have all ventured our hands at various professions. We have each done the part time thing, and perhaps even acquired multiple jobs simultaneously. But to be honest we admit that only specific jobs offered us any semblance of satisfaction. Those jobs were probably the ones we were best suited for. However, if we will add these five job skills to our repertoire, we will discover that we are capable of success in a wide array of career paths.

Consider honing these five skills while working toward your career based success goals:

  1. Communication - This skill is an absolute requirement no matter what field you find yourself in. You will need to be able to verbally communicate with peers, clients, and administrators (or other people in authority). In addition, due to technological advancements, you will probably be required to communicate well in writing. Thankfully, there are programs that can help with your grammatical and spelling areas, but sentence structure will be up to you. Learning to express yourself in a socially acceptable way, in written and oral form, will be a big advantage in the business and professional world.

  2. Interpersonal - This ties right into being able to communicate. However, when it comes to interpersonal skills, a big issue is related to your body language. If people view you as unapproachable, they will keep you at a distance and your ability to gain valuable promotions and recognition will be severely limited. On the other hand, if people understand that you are a team player, they will readily include you in planning and design activities. You will see that your presence is more appreciated, and you will generally be liked. Learning to control your non-verbal language: the way you stand, sit, and make eye-contact, will play a significant role in how you are perceived and how well you succeed.

  3. Technology - If we are keeping with the times, we will comprehend that technological skills are absolutely crucial to job success. Since the majority of businesses employ some sort of computer based system, it will be critical that you learn how to type and function at a computer station. There will be a number of positions that require you to spend extensive amounts of time at a screen, whether it is a touch screen, a mobile device, or a desktop, you will need to understand how to properly navigate these forms of technology. If you don’t know how to use a computer, you will be deeply wounded in the work world as it will be incredibly difficult to find even a construction based job that is devoid of these advancements.

  4. Knowledge - Obviously, not all positions will require extensive amounts of knowledge to get the job done. But, if you are going into a career field that has a set standard for educational achievement, knowledge will be your greatest asset. Before you enter any profession it is advisable that you learn all there is to know about the terminology, technology, and procedures required for success in that field. This goes back to a character trait known as ambition. If something is worth pursuing you should be readily willing to invest time and effort to be the best at whatever it is.

  5. Perseverance - Nothing good is easy. No doubt you have heard that old adage. But have you incorporated that life truth into the way you daily live? Hard work and a devotion to excellence, even in trying times, is sure to win you higher level positions and leadership responsibilities once those qualities are recognized as being an inherent aspect of your personality. People in high places love those who are diligent, timely, and inexhaustible. There is no substitute for time well invested in a job done properly. Accolades are definitely won in that pursuit.

Believe in Yourself

Obviously, we are not all so well-endowed as to naturally represent each and every one of these job skills necessary for success. While this may seem like an unfortunate situation, the truth is quite the opposite. Each trait mentioned here is highly attainable with enough drive to pursue such behaviors. You can train yourself to communicate better by determined practice.

And, your interpersonal skills can be enhanced with additional time spent reading books on the topic. Books like, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” will be a good place to begin. Technology skills and knowledge are equally acquired with a little grit and gusto. And, if you are able to make changes in those four arenas, you will have proven the existence of the most important skill of all, perseverance! Success is at your fingertips.