6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Working For A Startup

The thought of working for a small company that has just started might seem a little bit daunting. Everyone has heard the horror stories. Long working hours, lower salaries, tiny office spaces... but is working for a startup company really all doom and gloom? Definitely not.

In fact, working for a startup company might just be one of the most rewarding things you could do in your professional career. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider working for a startup at least once in your life.

1. More responsibility.

When working for a smaller company, you're much more likely to be given a decent amount of freedom in your work. There's no time for someone to be looking over your shoulder, and whilst that might initially seem unusual, it's actually the best way to develop as a professional individual. Freedom in your work will allow you to learn faster, exercise your creativity and constantly challenge yourself.

2. Wearing multiple hats.

Working in a smaller team means there's more opportunities arising all of the time - something that would be rare to come by in a bigger corporate company. In a small, fast-growing startup you're likely to find yourself doing a little bit of everything instead of being limited to the job role you were hired for. This will allow you to develop in a range of areas, allowing you to become a more well-rounded professional. As cliche as it sounds, you really will find yourself learning something new every single day.

3. Work will be challenging, but recognized.

There's no denying that working for a startup is challenging. As with any job, it will come with many trials and tribulations. As exciting as an endless list of opportunities can be, the need to wear multiple hats can be stressful at times. That being said, working for a smaller company means that you are much more likely to be recognized and rewarded for your efforts.

However, it does mean that when you make a mistake, it's much harder to shy away from it. But if you do happen to make a mistake, the best thing you can do is own up to it, figure out how to make the best of a bad situation, and ultimately learn from it.

4. Stronger bonds with colleagues.

When you work as part of a small team, it's much easier to form bonds and connect with people on a more personal level. You're all working towards the same dream, and you're working those long, demanding hours together. It's likely to create more of an informal, relaxed yet highly driven atmosphere where you are all constantly motivating one another. Each of your ideas will shape the company's culture to make it an enjoyable place to work.

5. Innovative environment.

Startups are renowned for their creative and highly inspiring environments. When you have fewer resources to throw around, it doesn't take long to learn to become innovative. This is a particular skill that you're less likely to adopt while working for a bigger company who have a huge, comfortable marketing budget.

6. Progression.

Climbing the corporate ladder can be incredibly tough at big companies. When you work for a small startup, you're much more likely to not only see the growth of the business before your very eyes, but you are much more likely to make progression as an employee. Get in early, put in the hard work, and grow as a professional alongside the company you help to bring to life.

Written by Katy Mairs, blog editor at Unibaggage.com