A Recruiters Guide to Getting the Job

Ben White has seven years’ experience in talent acquisition. In that time he has worked as a headhunter and a corporate recruiter for two fortune 500 companies. He also runs www.gettingthejobhq.com , a blog devoted to all things talent. In addition, he's published a book available on Amazon called Getting the Job, A recruiter’s guide to getting the job.


"Speed is so important (in the job search)...there are some roles where we would get 100 applicants and if you weren't applying within the first 20 you were't even looked at."

On today's show we will discuss;

  • What’s on your mind lately from a job seeker standpoint?

  • What should job seekers know about the hiring process that they currently don't?

  • 3 reasons you aren't getting an interview?

  • 3 Great Interview Questions that will catch the Interviewer Off Guard

  • When it comes to the resume, what are job seekers doing wrong?

  • Describe the perfect resume for me? What does it say and how does it say it?

  • What should job seekers know about if a recruiter contacts them...any guidelines?

  • Job seeker that wowed you in an interview? Describe story…

  • Last words of advice