Why the Web is Your Resume

A few years back we interviewed Vala Afshar, an prolific social media user who was also a Chief Marketing Officer, about why the web is the new resume. We thought we would re-air his chat from CareerCloud Radio. 

What happens when you make people apply to a job with a twitter hashtag? Vala Afshar, CMO of Enterasys Networks in Boston, Mass did just that and found the right person for free in just a matter of weeks. Is this the future of recruiting? What do job seekers need to learn from this experiment? Find out in this must listen episode!


1:00 Did you expect so much attention to your story?

3:49 Why do this? Not your typical recruiting approach.

5:30 What social media tells you about a candidate.

7:10 Why he used Klout & Kred in requirements.

8:45 Explains how the recruitment process worked

12:30 Didn’t cost a dime to get this candidate

13:50 Will you do it again?

15:00 What other types of jobs would this approach be good for?

16:10 What is your message to skeptics of social recruiting?

19:25 Specific tips for job seekers about how they should be using social media.

23:01 Lessons learned.