Podcast: Job Hunting While at Work

Rachel Bitte has been been rethinking the HR industry for 20 years and is currently Chief People Officer at Jobvite, a recruiting platform powering companies such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Starbucks, SpaceX and many more. Today she joins the podcast to chat about tips for job hunting at work and dishes out some great tips along the way. Follow her on Twitter @RacheleBitte

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Topics from today's show include;

  • How common is it for people to look for a new job at work?

  • What are the telltale signs that an employee is looking for a different job? How can you avoid attracting suspicion?

  • What kind of job hunting activities (research, resume/cover letter touch-ups, emails, interviews, etc.) can you take care of on the job, and which ones should you save for later?

  • What should you do if somebody schedules an interview during work hours? Can you take the call from a private area in your office, or is that too risky?

  • What should you do if you get caught?

  • What’s a typical HR response to discovering somebody job hunting on the job? Is it a fireable offense?

  • When you’re thinking about leaving your current job for a new one, what do you need to consider first?

  • If you do find a new opportunity, how and when do you tell your boss? What about HR and your coworkers?

  • If a potential new employer asks for references and someone at your current job is the best fit, is there any way to arrange that tactfully?

  • Job seeker that wowed you?