Podcast: Addressing Cultural Fit in Your Interview

Increasingly, candidates need to have great storytelling skills to be the one to land the job. In the latest episode of CareerCloud radio we'll chat with Marty Parker….Marty is the author of "Culture Connection: How Developing a Winning Culture Will Give Your Organization a Competitive Advantage." He is also the CEO of Waterstone Human Capital, a retained executive search firm in Toronto Canada ...and he writes a career column for the Globe and Mail.

We'll discuss the following topics/questions:

  • How can they use storytelling to demonstrate that they're a good cultural fit with the company with whom they're interviewing?

  • Why is that so important?

  • What do you say to job seekers who are frustrated that employers now seem to value cultural fit over the actual skills that the candidates bring to a job?

  • How can candidates communicate their skill set in a way that shows they understand the importance of fit AND the skills they work so hard to build?

  • What makes someone a superstar vs. just okay?

  • You made it past the recruiter, now how do you wow the hiring manager? (Marty has a recent story about candidates needing to do their homework)

  • What are the other benefits to doing your homework on a company you're interviewing with (you may learn you don't want to work there! Or, simply, that you're not the right fit.)

  • 20% of workers are millennials and within ten years that number will rise to 70%. Do you have any specific advice for this group of workers when it comes how to sell themselves to employers in the interview process?

  • Presenting and/or making a business case during an interview: tips for this. Is this test becoming more common? Why? (Marty says yes.)

  • Last words of advice?

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