The World's Most Attractive Employers

Dustin Clinard, is Managing Director, Americas at Universum Global. Today he joins the podcast to discuss Universum's latest survey results.

EACH YEAR, UNIVERSUM SURVEYS OVER ONE MILLION CAREER SEEKERS FROM 57 COUNTRIES, ASKING WHICH EMPLOYERS THEY HOLD IN HIGHEST REGARD. The rankings not only chart the fortunes of individual companies’ talent-attraction efforts, but also document industry-level pressures and students’ shifting ideas about what defines an ideal employer.

Questions for today's show include:

  • What types of questions does it ask them?

  • Can you tell us a bit about the data, where it comes from, and why we should pay attention to it?

  • What are the overarching global trends you see?

  • What surprised you if anything about this years survey?

  • How much difference do you see in the preferences of talent from country to country?

  • Your research mentions purposeful work as one of the most attractive attributes to talent globally – can you talk a bit more about what that means?

  • What other attributes do the companies on your list share?

  • Let’s go through the top ten...Which companies are the most attractive worldwide, and why?  What makes them unique?

  • How about industry trends?

  • Can you talk a bit about companies that you consider local heros – that is influential companies that are not yet on your World’s Most Attractive Employers list?

  • Are there underlying reasons that drive these companies to foster environments that make them attractive?

Show Notes: Link to the Goldman Sachs Snapchat Recruiting post

Show Notes: Link to the survey results.

Image: Universum