Resume Makeover for Business Analyst Resume

Welcome to the latest installment of the Resume Crusade resume makeover tips by me, Chris Fields for Career Cloud.

This installment is special because I am updating my own work! Yes, see this client, whose name has been changed reached out to me to update the resume we created 4 years ago. I always say, resumes are like smartphones, tablets and other technologies, because they can be made better.

When “Lamon” asked me to update the resume, immediately, I noticed something that I would do very he has progressed in his career which meant we could really make something special.

First take a look at the before. It’s not bad but there are spacing issues and style problems with this resume. At the time I think I was trying to present all of his strong points up front but 4 years later it seems like I may have front loaded it a bit too much. The true challenge was to update the resume without going over 2 pages.

Now let’s look at the revision.

It’s funny because now I notice small errors a lot quicker now, so I was sure to eliminate them. I also wanted to give him a more polished resume that befits an executive level talent. We upgraded the language and actually streamlined the style but it really made the resume look more professional. Sometimes less is more.

You will also notice that we decluttered the resume and moved the education and certifications to the bottom of the resume to anchor it and give a better sense of balance.

Keep in mind that I had to edit this resume before sharing it with you but I hope it gives you an idea of the kind of work that I do and the types of resumes that work – by the way, he got a new job in 2 weeks.

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