Podcast: Real Advice from A Real Recruiter

Keirsten Greggs is an experienced Talent Acquisition professional who has built a successful career implementing creative recruiting strategies for Defense, Intelligence, Federal and Civilian contract portfolios (employers).  In her 16 year career, she has served in various functions including Executive hiring, Project Management, and most recently, Talent Acquisition  Operations.

Always focused on engagement and relationship building, she is very active on social media as an HR Blogger and podcast Co-host for Performance I Create...she is also creator of the #RecruiterProblems meme series. 


"Stay Professional, Stay Engaged, Stay Informed..."

Topics for today's show:

  • What are your pet peeves when it comes to job seekers...what are they doing wrong?

  • Why are job seekers so bad at job hunting?

  • Is the resume still important?

  • What’s the most creative resume youve ever seen?

  • How should job seekers approach a recruiter on twitter or linkedin?

  • Do recruiters really look at social media accounts?

  • What is your advice for someone re-entering the job market --- mom or unemployed?

  • What's the best/worst experience you've had as a recruiter?

  • Last words of advice for job seekers