How to Get a Job in Digital Marketing with Seth Hymes

Seth Hymes is a Digital Marketing and Video Professional who has managed millions of dollars in online advertising. After working in Film and Video Production for many years, Seth transitioned into PPC Analysis through his own self education. Today he'll teach you about the jobs available in the field of digital marketing in this 25 minute podcast interview.

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Topics discussed in today's show;

  • What is Digital Marketing? Explain to the listeners what this means

  • What is the difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing?

  • How did you get into this field?

  • What kind of jobs/opportunities are there in Digital Marketing?

  • How much can you make starting out and within a couple years?

  • Do you need previous experience for these jobs?

  • How do I get training in this or an entry level position? Should I go back to school?

  • Where to look for jobs….

  • Last words of advice….if you had to go out right now and get a job in digital marketing what steps would you take…?