The 70-30 Job Hunt Podcast

Catherine Kaputa Katherine is a former marketing executive turned author. She believes that the most important application for branding is for individuals. That’s why she launched her company SelfBrand and wrote the award-winning book, You Are a Brand!

Her latest book is Graduate to a Great Career: How Smart Students, New Graduates and Young Professionals Can Launch Brand You. 

Catherine believes most people, especially millennials in their 20s and 30s go about job hunting the wrong way. They spend most of their time cruising job boards and filling out online applications. They should be spending 70% of their time on marketing and networking activities and 30% of their time filling out online apps. Plus there’s a better way to win at the online job search game that most people don’t know about.

Topics discussed in this podcast;

  • Why did you write the new book?

  • How is the job market different today?

  • What is the 70-30 job hunt?

  • What is the hidden job market?

  • What are the key marketing and networking activities every job hunter should be doing?

  • What are some good ways to network that people may not be doing?

  • What are the key online job hunting activities you should be doing?

  • Often the first hurdle you have to pass in getting a job is getting your resume and application past the ATS, the application tracking software that most companies use to do the initial screening of applications. What are your tips for getting your resume and application past the computer screeners?

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