The Motivated Job Search - New Podcast!

Looking for some motivation to add to your job search? Listen to CareerCoach/Executive Recruiter Brian Howard and learn!

Brian is a certified career coach, Executive Recruiter and Principal owner of the Howard Group based in Kansas City area. He has a forthcoming book about to be published entitled The Motivated Job Search...A Proven System to Stand Out from Other Job Seekers and Get the Job You Want! Follow him on Twitter. Check out the book website too.

"The most effective and efficient job search strategy is a self-motivated approach. This is a proactive approach where the job seeker actively engages the job market to discover opportunities where their skills and competencies bring the greatest value to an employer. There are several distinct advantages of conducting a self-motivated job search that help you get a job more effectively."
-Brian Howard

In this episode we'll cover the following topics and more.

  • What does the job market look like from where you sit...

  • How can candidates get off to a successful start in their job search?

  • How much does your attitude figure in?

  • Your Career . . . Your Responsibility

  • Understanding the Employer’s Mindset

  • What's an Exit Statement...and how to use it.

  • Resume tips

  • What Recruiters Can and Cannot Do for You

  • How to find a good recruiter...what to look for?

  • General rules around proactively marketing yourself in a job search

  • Unique tactics...whats a brag book?