Asking the Headhunter, Nick Corcodilos

In the latest episode of CareerCloud Radio, Chris Russell gets to to talk with perhaps the most thought provoking career professional that you can read online today. His name is Nick Corcodilos and he is known mainly from his website  Ask the where he opines and sometimes rants on bad job search behavior and deceptive hiring practices.

Nick has written several books such as Fearless Job Hunting and How to Work with Headhunters and writes a weekly column on

Nick pulls no punches with his advice. When I approached him about coming on here’s what he wrote to me;

While the various job search tools will always be with us and will always be used, it’s incumbent on job seekers to always try to take control of their interactions with employers. I have no fantasy that I’m going to talk people out of using job sites – and it’s not my objective, My purpose is to poke at the system so that people will add more tactics to their job search plans. 

Today we'll discuss several topics including;

  • The origins of Ask the Headhunter.

  • Why he likes poking at the system so much?

  • Do you have any favorite stories to tell of successful job hunters who used some of your tactics to get hired?

  • Thoughts on LinkedIn and the hiring process.

  • Stay tuned to the end for a great job search success story.


The system has become so reductionist...the HR department has trained people to dumb down the job search.
People are taught to follow this process but it really doesn't work.
The bigger problem is companies rely on automated methods to find the right kind of people...when they're recruiting, they're not recruiting.
Problem with (Hiring) algorithms is that they are made to be general purpose.
If you are going to use a job board, go to a small one, go to something specialized.