Marketing Resume Makeover: Before & After

Resume writing is an incredibly interesting job. Resume writers have to meet the expectations of the job seeker and often times that job seeker does not know what they want or (and more importantly) what they need.

Often times they think their resume is just fine, but its my job to show them where their resume can be stronger and better.

In my previous “Before and After” resume makeover article, I used a resume that was clearly outdated and in need of a makeover. Today, I am sharing an update on a resume that was not “bad” however, it wasn’t the best either.

Take a look. Not too bad, right?

BEFORE (click to enlarge)

Whenever I have new resume client, I always ask myself, how can I make this resume better? When I look at the old heading which is not bad, I think of ways to improve it and make it more eye catching.

Putting the name by itself reduces confusion, especially if this resume is put through an applicant tracking system a.k.a. 'A.T.S.'

Then I noticed the issues with spacing and alignment. This may sound petty but it’s actually important, you do not want the ATS to read those spaces as characters or cut off some important information and finally you don’t want the resume to look sloppy.

Next, we had to add a new job and update the bullets points. Also I wanted fix a few of the formatting issues with company names and dates. Most recruiters want to read the company name, the title and then the dates of employment in that order.

The result is cleaner, more polished and modern looking.

After (click to enlarge)

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