How to Make a Favorable Impression with your Video Resume

The newest trend in hiring and HR is the video resume or introduction. Employers are really embracing the medium because they can engage with the applicant and get to know more about them.  As this becomes the norm and employers feel more at ease, job seekers will need to learn how to take advantage of this new job search tool. It’s a great way of introducing yourself to the person doing the hiring.

These videos are especially relevant to hiring in the hospitality, hotel, and retail industries.  The hiring manager gets clues, face-to-face, of the candidate’s ability to engage with customers. In other sectors, applicants can validate their professionalism which sets them apart from the other applicants. 

Recruiters like them because they go beyond the written resume and the social media profile of the person seeking employment. They bring your skills to life. They can build some relationship with the individual before deciding on interviewing them.  

Often, it's difficult applying for a job because it’s not known what the interviewer will want or need from the job seeker. Writing a resume, is no easy task. However, it’s the first impression the interviewer has, and it must be done well. Now with video, there’s an additional way to catch the eye of the interviewer. By using both, the odds of receiving that all important interview becomes much higher.

Today’s job market is extremely competitive so by creating an attractive introduction video, along with the traditional resume, makes an employer take notice. And getting it spot-on can be pretty tough. The tips that are shown below will assist in creating the perfect recording.


Candidates need to make sure to comb their hair, dress accordingly, remove piercings, and cover tattoos. Then make sure the background is cleaned up before filming. Try to keep pointless objects out of the picture unless there’s something that pertains to the job.


The video needs to be related to the position offered.  If the job is in the social, online, creative, or media field, it needs to be done well. Be careful when sending to a traditional kind of business because they may not understand why it was sent. Most companies will let applicants know if videos can be part of the process.


There is very little time to impress a hiring manager, so only highlight things that pertain to this position. The point is to offer a greater insight to compliment the written resume. Show them what has been achieved in the past and what can be accomplished in the future. The candidate needs to focus on their skills and experience with a little info about their passions.


It needs to be between one and two minutes short. Some employers use these for deciding on whom to interview. If most hiring managers only skim through a written resume, there’s no way they’re going to watch a video resume that’s longer than two minutes.


This is a chance to show them the passion and charisma that will be can and will be demonstrated on the job. The object is for applicants to sell themselves and display their personality. If the job is more creative; be more creative with the taping. Maybe show some past work like superior editing of this one or creative designing of the recording. However, always keep in mind who the audience is and adjust it accordingly.  

When making a video resume keep these tips in mind:

  • In the written resume, provide the link to the video resume

  • Don’t use any video server companies

  • Always include a progress bar in the frame

  • Don’t cheat with a teleprompter

  • Never edit or patch the voice track

  • Use a tripod, high-quality camera, good sound, smooth compression, and good lighting.

With the technology and changing time, video resumes will soon replace written resumes. They provide the employer with an understanding of the applicant before granting an interview. They are the best way to showcase the skills and experience of the candidate for the job.  

Diana Beyer is an experienced creative director while a beginner in guest-blogging. Nevertheless, writing is her passion. Diana's purpose is to share some value among interested people. Apart from work, she likes traveling and reading. You can contact her through Twitter or Facebook.