10 Entry Level Employers for 2016 Graduates

One of the most exciting and intimidating things about your upcoming graduation is probably obtaining your first job. Sure, you are probably thrilled at the idea of getting started on your career path.

You are likely also excited about the paycheck that goes along with that. As excited as you are, you are probably also concerned about where to find the best jobs, and who is hiring.

Fortunately, management has at many successful companies has realized that recent graduates, when mentored and developed properly, can be a great asset. Here are a few companies that are particularly great places for recent graduates to pursue jobs and internships, so prepare your resume.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines has a special program established for recent graduates that is known as the Emerging Leader Development Program. Through this program, hiring managers at Southwest recruit recent graduates and then put them through an 18 month program where they receive job training, and experience working in a variety of operational areas. Once the training program is completed, graduates are placed into a leadership position within the company.


Students who are interested in working for Google after they graduate, may pursue jobs and internships that relate to the following academic areas:

  • Computer science related fields

  • Design and user experience

  • Liberal Arts

  • Business

Once hired, graduates will thrilled to find themselves working in an organization that is  dedicated to developing its employees through a variety of training and mentorship programs, including, GOOGLE.EDU. In addition to this, Google is widely believed to have one of the best work cultures in the technology industry.

Enterprise Holdings

Not only is Enterprise Holdings, parent company of Enterprise Rent-a-Car, one of the most prolific hirers of recent college graduates, it also has one of the best new employee development programs in the corporate sector. Enterprise hires many graduates and filters a large portion of them into their manager trainee program. Other graduates might work in accounting, IT, and a variety of other departments. What makes Enterprise so appealing for students is that they adhere to an enthusiastic promote from within policy.


When graduates hire on at Progressive, they are treated to a holistic approach to employee development. While other companies tend to keep new employees moving on a very linear trajectory, newly hired graduates are assisted in developing a career plan. This is done by assisting students in improving their skillsets, identifying their interests, developing peer relationships, and identifying a customized career path. Progressive is so committed to hiring new graduates that their representatives frequently attend campus hiring events to recruit students for both jobs and internships.


Epic is a Wisconsin based healthcare company that is committed to hiring, training, and providing guidance to recent graduates. They have an ongoing mentorship program that begins the day each new employee is hired. In this program new hires are matched with somebody who will give them advice and encouragement as they navigate their new careers. In addition to this, Epic strongly encourages and facilitates ongoing learning.

Lockheed Martin

Students who are interested in working in the aerospace industry can find almost limitless opportunities at Lockheed Martin. Many of these job openings are in the technical fields, but there are certainly opportunities in other areas as well. Recent graduates who want to move up in the ranks can apply to one of the many leadership development programs. Upon admission into one of these programs, students will undergo training related to both leadership and technology, attend conferences, and work in different areas of the company. All of this is to help students become qualified for leadership positions that become available in the future.


With its support of diversity, many opportunities for new graduates, and great work environment, Intel is an attractive employer for both new and upcoming college graduates. Intel has a wide variety of internship programs, fellowships, and job opportunities available to individuals who have completed education ranging from the Associate’s degree to PhD. If students do not have a career roadmap completely figured out, they can join one of the rotation programs at Intel and try their hand working in a variety of roles in areas such as Information Technology, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, and Leadership.


Amazon is so committed to recruiting, hiring, and developing recent graduates that they dedicate a lot of effort directly recruiting on campuses and have a portion of their website specifically designed to get students interested in their internships and entry level positions. Obviously, an internet giant like Amazon is going to have lots of openings in technical areas. However, these are not the only jobs available. Amazon frequently hires graduates into positions in areas like Marketing and Finance.


KPMG recruits and hires college students and recent graduates through its KPMG Campus website. In fact, KPMG is so dedicated to the success of students that it begins working with them as early as their freshman year of college. Students can begin working through internships and leadership programs early in their college careers, and then, upon completion of a four or five year program apply for full-time positions at KPMG.


Disney offers, coops, paid professional internships, and job rotation programs to recent graduates in a variety of fields. Students interested in working in working in business areas such as finance, marketing, and accounting can start great careers at Disney, as can students interested in technical careers. Of course, there are also openings available for students in many of the creative job tracks as well. In fact, it really doesn’t matter what your chosen academic position is, there is probably a place for you at Disney. Disney has opportunities available at parks, studios, offices, and even cruise ships all over the world.

If you are looking for mentorship, guidance, and leadership in addition to a good job, you want to contact any of the above companies about opportunities that are available for graduates like yourself. Each of these companies has a lot to offer anybody just starting their career.