Before and After, a Resume Redesign

Hiring a resume writer is not an easy decision. On the one hand you think, “I know my situation better than anyone else.” and on the other, “My English is good, how hard can it be?”

Well it’s not nuclear physics but it can be complicated. As a resume writer, obviously, I would advise you to hire someone to help you however, be careful and do your homework because there are bad resume writers out there.

Whenever someone hires me I ask for a copy of their most recent resume – just as source material and to get an idea of what they have been using.  With permission from my client, I am going to share with you an actual resume that I recently updated.

My client didn’t create this resume herself, she actually paid an online service. I will not name the company and my customer’s info has been redacted.


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Let’s examine what makes this so wrong.  First, it’s 2 pages when it doesn’t have to be. If you look at the design, the heading on the first page takes up too much space. The “Recruiter Profile” is generic, full of adjectives and not enough relevant information.

Under “Competencies & Skills” there are entirely too many things listed – 18 to be exact and they are a little off, for instance “Mining Interns” or “Talent Networking”. Then the “Metrics Driven” and “Recruiting Successes” sections are nonsensical and can be incorporated into the professional experience or work history, but wait, there is NO “Professional Experience” or “Work History” section – another problem.

This service actually put her last job under a section titled “Career Highlights”??


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First, I gave it a modern look with a nice simple and attractive heading. I added more relevant skills and reduced the number of items down to 12.  I used industry language which happens to be areas where she has experience.

Next, I used information from our interview to create descriptive bullets to explain what she does well and how she’s done it. I went back to her first job out of college and anchored the resume with her certifications and education.

In one page, we can present a more complete picture of this applicant, her specialties, education, career goals and path along with her experience. This client is now ready attack her job search with confidence.

Submitted by Resume Writer Chris Fields, connect with him at