Top States for Hidden Jobs in 2016

Each year around this time we publish our top ten list of states that have made the most job announcements. These "hidden jobs" are news stories about companies who are planning to hire in the coming months or year. They could be opening a new plant or store, adding to its existing facilities or even seasonal job announcements.

Leading the way for 2016 is the state of FLORIDA which has recorded 142k job announcements that have been uncovered by our researchers. Each week we scour the web in search of these stories and press releases to compile them into a state by state database. These job leads remain on our site for 90 days before expiring.

The top 10 for this year are;

  1. Florida with 142,742 job announcements
  2. Texas with 132,349 job announcements
  3. Ohio with 115,237 job announcements
  4. California with 105,787 job announcements
  5. North Carolina with 97,476 job announcements
  6. Arizona with 88,381 job announcements
  7. Michigan with 83,685 job announcements
  8. Tennessee with 80,434 job announcements
  9. New York with 75,675 job announcements
  10. Indiana with 69,282 job announcements

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