Six Smart Questions That Will Impress Your Recruiter

The end of the interview is getting nearer, and you are relieved after the energy draining session of questions you just went through. The recruiter seems more at ease, as well. However, they don’t stand up immediately, but instead ask you “Do you have any questions for me?” And this is where most candidates seek the easy way out and answer “No.” However, you should continue the interview a little longer. That is because the interviewer is actually looking for signs of enthusiasm and involvement from your part. So without any further ado, here are the six smart questions that will impress your recruiter.

  1. What Is the Biggest Challenge Your Team Has Overcome This Year?

It is common sense to understand why the recruiter might be tiptoeing around candidates during an interview. People want in if they receive a positive image of their future workplace. So, the recruiters usually focus on the good aspects of their company.

People should understand that life is not just about benefits, money, advantages, and free medical care. They know that only through challenges a person is able to grow professionally.

    2. What Is the Customer Service Culture of the Company?

Whichever kind of business we might be talking about, customers are the most crucial aspect of the company. They provide sales, write reviews about products, tell other people about the brand, and have the power to bring a business down. Any serious and successful company is aware of this reality.

So, this smart question for your interviewer will prove that you know how the system works. Moreover, the recruiter will understand that you are focused on things that really matter for the entire organization.

    3. How Do You Deliver Positive as well as Negative Feedback?

This question captures an issue that most companies confront in a very cunning way. Managers are the link between employees and leadership. The best managers value the importance of positive feedback above all. Studies show that employees appreciate recognition even above financial rewards.

What this means is that you will force the interviewer to describe their feedback system, if they have one. This question can impress good managers, yet make bad ones fidget in their chair. If you get a complex answer, you will leave a good impression behind. However, a short chaotic reply would mean that it’s severely lacking.

    4. What Are the Priorities for this Position?

Another way to show your honest interest in the position is to ask for more details about it. The interviewer will be more than happy to answer your question with examples of their employees’ success projects and what the company looks for in a new member.

The answer will also be useful to you. If you get hired, you will no longer be confused on your first day and the following three months. You will be aware of the company’s expectations that concern you and you will know what direction you can take.

    5. How Can I Impress Your Company in The First 60 Days of Work?

If you are considering asking only one question, this one is your winner. It shows commitment and your eagerness to start working for the company as soon as possible. These are some of the top traits that employers want. The interviewer will be pleased to see your interest in the available position and will pinpoint the key areas you should focus on.

When the interviewer finishes the answer, you can set the stakes even higher and comment on the reply. You can reinforce the skills that will make you the perfect candidate. Even though the chances are you have already illustrated your capabilities many times during the interview, there’s no harm in being persuasive. On the contrary, your efforts will definitely not be overlooked.

6. Do You Have Any Concerns Regarding My Qualifications?

This level of honesty can damage your image. However, on the other hand, it can leave an unforgettable memory for the recruiter. The outcome of this question will actually be decided by how you can take negative feedback.

It is normal to feel exposed when someone in front of you discusses your flaws or lacks of knowledge. However, this actually can be good for you. If you choose to see this as constructive feedback, you will have a lot to gain. Valuable candidates turn into excellent employees who prefer to learn from their mistakes and flaws rather than let them consume them.

So, if the interviewer answers your question, you should listen to every word of it. In the end, you can process the information and design a plan to take measures and improve. Even though the recruiter won’t consider you a great fit for the present opening, they will remember you. If there is an opening that they consider might suit you better, it is safe to assume that the company can contact you again in the future.

So, these are the ultimate questions that can surprise your interviewer in a good way. The end of an interview is your time to gain information about the company that you can’t Google at home. These six questions will only reveal your eagerness to start working for them right away.

Author: After having worked in several powerful organizations, Thea Millard decided to take her people skills and passion for recruitment and help talented individuals land the perfect jobs for their skills. She now writes motivational articles and job application reviews for job-seekers interested in getting ahead of the competition.