7 Ways to a Better LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool, especially in this day and age, where more and more companies are looking for potential employees online. However, simply creating a profile and entering the bare minimum of information is not enough. You need to make the most out of LinkedIn's full potential if you are serious about finding a job.

According to Graham Russell, senior editor over at EssayOnTime, most people don't realize the importance of having a complete LinkedIn profile:

“Your LinkedIn profile is probably the most powerful tool you have in your arsenal, and you should do everything you can to make is as good as possible, and that includes hiring a professional writer to do it for you.”

Here are 7 things you can do to make your LinkedIn profile stand out today.

1. Profile Picture

Having a good photo to go along with a complete LinkedIn profile can help you leave a better impression on the recruiters. So, it's probably time to get rid of that cropped image from a party and go with something more appropriate, and that goes double for selfies. You want to come off as professional, but approachable and trustworthy at the same time, so a subtle smile should do just fine. If you can, hire a professional photographer.

2. Profile Content

Most people, when populating their LinkedIn profile, simple copy the contents of their CV, which is a mistake, since LinkedIn was designed to provide as much relevant information about you and your skills as possible. Take the opportunity to provide the recruiters with an in-depth insight into your job skills, education, experience, and your ability to collaborate with other people. Make them want to invite you for a job interview.

3. Personalize Your URL and Public Page

One of the more subtle things which can improve your profile is having a custom URL to your profile page which includes your name (for instance, “linkedin.com/in/yourname” instead of “linkedin.com/in/user3267324”). It's not difficult to change it, but it does demonstrate that you are familiar with most of the options LinkedIn has to offer. On the other hand, it would look bad if you haven't bothered to change it at all.

4. Feature Your Strengths and Your Most In-Demand Skills

While LinkedIn allows you to feature up to 50 skills, that doesn't mean you should enter all of them. Sometimes, it is better to include those that might be the most relevant to the industry you are interested in. If you feel like you have multiple strengths, try and group those skills which are similar together. Since the recruiters can use skills as one of the search criteria, make sure they are able to find you.

5. Keep Your Endorsements Fresh

Showcasing the most relevant skills you have is certainly necessary, but that's just the tip of the iceberg, because you will need to received endorsements for your skills. Apart from helping you get discovered through search more easily, endorsements also add to your credibility, since your skills have been recognized by others, which is why you should aim to keep them as recent as possible.

6. Take Courses to Learn New Skills

Modern technology is changing the world every day, and that means the expiration date of your professional skills is closer than ever. Not only should you update your existing ones, but you should aim to pick up new ones all the time. Fortunately, LinkedIn Learning can help you find the best courses for the most sought-after skills in your industry. Also, there are plenty of courses online which you can use to receive a certificate, expand your skill set, and increase your chances of landing that dream job.

7. LinkedIn Groups

This is probably one of the things you have glossed over when creating your LinkedIn profile, or even worse, you have joined as many groups as possible. A better way for doing things would be to join groups which are relevant to your industry, so you can take part in discussions and expand your network of contacts. You can also create your own groups, start conversations, and establish yourself as an authority in the field.


Your LinkedIn profile is your window to the professional world, and you should make it as appealing as possible, by implementing the tips shared in this article. Start building a better career, and better future for yourself, today!

Author: Brenda Savoie is a content marketing magician at Uk- dissertation  and desperate dreamer. Writing her first romantic novel. Seeking contentment through mindfulness. Find her on Twitter and Facebook