Job Stories: Jobvite of California

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Company: Jobvite, as told by one of their recruiters.

1. How many jobs do you currently have open and where are the jobs located? 

We currently have a total of 30 open roles at Jobvite in virtually every department from Engineering, Marketing, product Management, Customer Success, Sales, and G&A. 

Most of our roles are open in our San Mateo, California location. We are open to some remote Engineering roles, and we have have several regional U.S. sales opportunities. Check out our careers page for a complete listing of jobs.

2. Of all your current openings which job is the most interesting?

This is a tough question because really all of our jobs at Jobvite are interesting. No really! We still run in a start-up fashion, and every role is interesting and critical to our mission. Everybody that works at Jobvite wears multiple hats, and has the opportunity to work across teams.

It really depends on what people find interesting for themselves. Personally I think the Senior UX Designer is a very interesting role because I actually use Jobvite everyday, and I’m fascinated with how much work goes into making user interactions seem simple and intuitive. 

3. What are the main skillsets that candidates need to have to succeed at Jobvite? 

Everybody we hire at Jobvite has to be able to hit the ground running, and be a true team player. You also can’t be the type of person that lets anything get in the way of what you need to accomplish. Having the ability to solve problems quickly, and share in both failure and success with a good attitude is crucial. 

4. How can candidates impress you in the interview? 

The best way to impress me, and most people here is to have done your research on Jobvite. It aways amazes me how little homework a lot of candidates do before we speak. You can find out about our product, what it does, the company culture, and the competitive space we’re in with just a few minutes of searching on the web. If you want to work at Jobvite, you have to be passionate about the work we do, and what we’re all trying to accomplish.

5. Why should someone consider working at Jobvite?

There are several reasons people would want to work at Jobvite. Last year over 55 Million people used Jobvite to apply for a job in the U.S. I have a hard time finding people who have not heard the name Jobvite these days. We have a great brand name, and everybody who works here gets the chance to work at start-up that’s succeeding and say they were a part of it!

We’re also not the biggest company in the out there, so we still have the benefit of having a small company feel, and room for everybody to advance their career. People that work at Jobvite are encoureged to challenge the status quo, and shares new ideas from the work environment to the product itself. Not only that, but you get to work with smart, yet down to earth people that are fun to work with.

If it’s all about the perks for you, we have those too: 

  • Health Insurance (including medical, dental, vision
  • Healthcare and Dependent care FSA plans
  • Employee sponsored 401(k)
  • 3 weeks of paid PTO per calendar year. After 3 years of service, increases to 4 weeks, after 5 years of service, increases to 5 weeks
  • Paid Company Holidays (10 total)
  • Gym membership reimbursement (up to $50/mo)
  • Personal cell phone reimbursement (up to $100/mo)
  • For remote employees: landline reimbursement (up to $50/mo) and home internet (up to $50)
  • Short and long term disability plans
  • Catered lunches in the office every Monday and Wednesday-Onsite.
  • Fridge stocked with breakfast and healthy snacks and drinks every day-Onsite.
  • Cost of uber/taxi ride to/from closest mass transit system reimbursed
  • Company paid life insurance
  • Pre-IPO stock option