Job Stories: GigMasters in Connecticut

In today's Job Story, Mike Caldwell, CEO of Connecticut based Gigmasters talks about his company and answers questions about working at the online company which helps people find and book talent for parties and events.

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1. How many jobs do you currently have open and where are the jobs located?

We currently have two Web Developers positions open, as well as one Marketing Copywriter position and a few part-time/internships spots on our Marketing and Accounts Services teams. All positions are for our South Norwalk, Connecticut office. Postings are listed on our Careers page at Other positions could open up over the coming weeks, so check that careers page periodically.

2. Of all your currently available openings which job is the most interesting?

Truthfully they’re all pretty cool, but if I had to choose I’d say the Web Developer positions. It’s a chance to build cool stuff for a high-traffic internet marketplace while helping entertainers & event vendors earn a living doing what they love. You’ll delve deeply into mobile apps as well as web. Our developers are all full stack so you won’t be pigeon-holed in any one area. From SQL to C# to Angular to CSS, you’ll have no choice but to do it all. And we’re small so bureaucracy is minimal.  

3. What are the main skillsets that candidates need to have to succeed at GigMasters? 

Above all else, employees have to move fast. We’re in a competitive landscape, so going slow is not an option. Second, you need to be able to thrive in an unstructured environment. If you prefer heavy process and structure, we’re probably not the place for you.

And finally, regardless of the position, you need solid communication skills. Why? Because you’ll need to be constantly collaborating with other departments in order to move things along efficiently. Those are the 3 main attributes we look for (aside from the technical requirements of the job).  If these attributes describe you, we should talk!

4. How can candidates impress you in the interview? 

Show that you spent time on our site, and that you already know what we’re about. Do your homework and show us that you’re serious about the position. Please don’t, for example, ask us ‘How does GigMasters make money?’

You should know that before you walk in the door. Also, if you don’t know the answer to a question, please admit it. We’d rather see you admit what you don’t know then fake your way through a question.

5. Why should someone consider working at GigMasters?

You should consider working at GigMasters if a job is more than just a paycheck to you. If you like deep dives and becoming an expert in your craft, then you should consider working here. We have lots of fun yes (pong tournaments, 5k’s, etc.) but that’s really not what defines us.

We’re charged with helping our entertainers & event vendors get booked for paying gigs and above all us that is our driving force. If that is something you want to work REALLY hard on day in and day out, and have some fun in the meantime, then I think you’d be pretty happy here.