7 Tactics for Writing Better Job Postings

Your job postings are a marketing tool. Too many employers just don’t get that fact. They write drab, uninspiring words about a role that seem to repel, not attract potential candidates. Sadly this trend isn’t getting any better.

Your jobs deserve better. The candidates deserve better. Try hiring a freelance copywriter to revamp your current postings. If you can’t do that, try these tips.

Tip #1: Forget Job Titles, Think Job Headlines

The job title is the most important part of your posting. It has to sell the job. Instead of just listing a simple title like “Sales Representative” do something that gives it context like this: “Sales Representative for a product that sells itself”. Isn’t that more exciting?

Another example: Instead of saying “Web Developer” say something like “Web Developer for a Startup that is changing the industry”.

Tip#2: Describe How Your Company is Different

Employers need to emphasize the most interesting aspects of the company and culture. Why should someone work for you? You have to pitch the candidate just as much as they have to pitch themselves. Devise an EVP...employer value proposition that clearly states why you are different.

Tip#3: Describe the Job in Plain English

Use simple wording to describe what the job entails. Dont just focus on the day to day details but also be clear as to the “bigger picture” goals. Tell the candidate what success will look like in 30 days, 6 months, 1 year...

Tip #4: State What a Job Seeker Needs to have in order to Qualify

Be sure to explain that only those qualified will be reviewed. Clearly explain what the ‘must-haves’ versus the ‘nice-to-haves’ are. If the posting is not pulling in enough applicants you can always lessen the restrictions later to appeal to a broader group of applicants.

Tip#5: Keep it as Short as Possible

Brevity is key, especially on the web and for that matter a mobile screen. It has to be easily scannable on a screen. Don’t use tiny fonts! Use big fonts that stand out for things like the job headline. We prefer at least 14 point font for the body of the description. Another tip, use colors or backgrounds to showcase areas of the posting to break it up into sections for easy reading.

Tip#6: Call To Action

This tip is pretty simple. Put a big Apply button on both the top and bottom of the posting. make it easy for people to understand how to apply. (you may even want to tell them what happens next)

Tip #7: Be Visual

Do you have pictures of people doing the job you are advertising? If so, put it in the job description. Job postings with real photos of your employees in action are a great way to sell the job. Here’s an example of a visual job posting. Go visual or go home!