Why Good Sales People Are Hard to Find - Podcast

Will Thomson is the Founder & President of Bulls Eye Recruiting.  He has helped organizations such as Rosetta Stone, Dell, eBay, Balfour, and Rainmaker Systems in identifying and hiring top talent from around the globe. Bulls Eye Recruiting started out as a blog in August of 2012 and has morphed into a full- blown recruiting agency in 2015.

Bulls Eye Recruiting’s focus is helping organizations find key hires in the areas of sales & marketing.   Will Thomson was recently listed as one the Top 100 Most Influential People in HR & Recruiting on Twitter.

I call it the candidates revenge...
— Will Thomson on job market conditions

In this podcast we'll chat about;

  • How is the job market from your perspective?

  • So Will, why are good salespeople hard to find?

  • What do you typically look for in sales candidates...whose the ideal sales person.

  • Can sales be taught?

  • What candidates should do to sell themselves?

  • How to look for a actively look for a job when you are employed and want to be seen as a passive candidate?

  • How do you negotiate a salary without losing out to another candidate?

  • Resources for where should people start if they want to look for a sales job---go to resources?

  • Is it common practice among companies to ask sales candidates to show them their W2?

  • Whats one tip you can give to employers for finding great sales people?

  • Final advice ?
Always be recruiting...
— Will Thomson