5 Unique Companies With Big Hiring Plans

Want to work for a cool company doing cool things? Well here's your chance. We picked 5 companies from our list of hidden job leads and selected them for their unique products and services that you won't always find in the typical job search. Here's a look at five of them.

1. Elio Motors

This company is planning to hire 1,500 people in Shreveport, Louisiana to build their new 3 wheeled car that gets 84 MPG and only costs $6,800 bucks. Take that Tesla! Well the company which has also been crowdfunded is expected to be operational by mid-2016. They still need to raise more money to make it all happen.

Elio Motors Web Site (no jobs listed yet)

2. Tyler Technologies

Live in Maine or Massachusetts and like technology? Well these guys are looking for hundreds of techies. They aim to build a new office in Yarmouth Maine and hire over 500 by 2014. The firm which is a public company makes software for government andschools sucha s payroll, HR and other personnel and managemt functions.

View Career Site (they have jobs across many states)

3. DPM Fragrance

Do you love the smell of scented candles? Well you might like to work in the factory at DPM where they plan on doubling their workforce in Starkville, Mississippi. They didnt have a careers site but we did see that they post their jobs on Linkedin.

4. American Cruise Lines

This is a truly 'All-American' company. They ships are built in Maryland, they are staffed with American crew members and they only sail in US waterways like the Mississippi, Alaska and the East Coast. They actively hire recent grads to staff their ships from March - November. Live rent-free and get to travel.

Check them out at ACLcareers.com.

5. TopGolf International

This company operates golf-themed entertainment complexes and is planning its newest one for Denver Colorado. That location will hire 450 people by August so huryy up and tune up your golf game. Fore!

Check out their jobs.