How to Know if a Company's Culture is Right For You

LaSalle Network has won close to 40 revenue and culture based awards to date, including Best Places to Work in IL, the nation's Best and Brightest Companies, Crain's Top 10 Best Places to Work in Chicago, Chicago Tribune Top 5 Workplaces in Chicago and one of the Nation's Most Psychologically Healthy Companies....but does this make LaSalle a great place to work? In CEO Tom Gimbel's words, not for everyone.

Tom believes that not every culture is right for every individual. Candidates need to know what cultures they thrive in and what traits and values they are looking for in an organization.

In this podcast we'll chat with Tom about the following topics:

  • Is there something candidates should be doing before they even apply for a role to see if a company culture is right for them?

  • Why should candidates be concerned about culture fit?

  • Are there ways to tell throughout the screening and interviewing process whether a company's culture is right for you?

  • What questions should candidates ask during an interview to gauge culture fit?

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  • Are there other ways to gauge culture fit?

  • If you're on the fence about a company's culture, but receive an offer too good to pass up, should you accept it?

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