Finding A Job Is A Job In Itself – 5 Search Tips For You!

Oftentimes finding employment can feel like a job in itself, and it may be beneficial to look at it in that manner. Instead of waiting for an opportunity to come to you, be proactive! We recommend going about your search as if you have the job already. Much like the old adage, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” 

1) Try To Wake Up When The Working World Wakes Up

• Many offices open at 8AM, so we suggest you are prepared at that time to answer any possible job-related phone calls. (HH Staffing Services opens at 7AM!) 

• Once you get the job (Yay!), it is likely you are going to have to wake up early, and you do not want to be exhausted your first week due to a change in your sleep schedule 

2) Prepare For The Day, As If You Are Going Into The Office 

• Get out of bed, take a shower and ditch your pajamas! 

• Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and be sure to have a good, healthy breakfast 

• Try to eliminate all distractions (i.e. Netflix, pestering cat, etc.) 

3) Make Sure Your Resume Is Up To Date 

• Although you cannot tell everything about a person just from their resume, most employers are going to want to see your job history and achievements 

• A resume can be simple, but it should highlight skills that are relevant to the position for which you are applying 

4) Create a cover letter or introduction 

• Generally less is more in this case, but please feel free to let employers know a little more about yourself. It helps them to get a better idea of who you are and your abilities 

• Attaching a couple of positive reference letters from former employers is a smart idea as well, as it gives you credibility 

5) Follow Up! 

• Do not just blast out your resume to a hundred different companies and just sit back and wait. Make sure to follow up a few days later to show you are truly interested. 

• Be persistent. A lack of response from the employer is not necessarily a “No.” Do not give up! 

For more job tips and employment assistance, please contact HH Staffing Services. Connecting candidates with the right employer is our specialty. We have a passion for people and over 27 years of experience in the staffing industry. Happy Job Hunting!