Every Grad Needs a Job Search Plan - Podcast

It's college week here on CareerCloud. First up, a podcast with Dustin Pearce from Grad Dash. Check back on Wednesday for a new blog post with 30 Tips for New Grads.

With graduation season just around the corner we thought it would be good talk about how college grads should approach the job market and when our Dustin Pearce contacted us it was good timing so we brought him on the show to talk about his story since he was a graduate who first struggled but then succeed at his job hunt.

In this podcast you'll hear:

  • Why He Started Grad Dash

  • His First lesson learned after graduation

  • How to deal with job search depression

  • Why following a proven plan is key

  • Final advice for new graduates
Calling companies is a great thing to do...go to Linkedin and see who the position reports to and start pitching yourself
— Dustin Pearce