Want to cold-email your next employer? Take a page from this candidate's playbook

Sometimes people surprise us. Recently in our email box came a note from a prospective job seeker. The subject line read “Frustrated Recruiter”. Ok, that got our attention, so we read on…

(the sender asked us to protect her privacy)

My name is XXXXXX and I am fairly new to Recruiting but have entered this field in a company whose processes and approach were designed to serve the old economy. As you can imagine, my frustration has only fueled my need to work in an environment that is striving to adapt with this new social/mobile driven business model you’re growing at CareerCloud.

I have been raised by a transformational technology leader who throughout my life has imparted similar forward thinking views. Your disruptive approach on this marketplace is nothing short of meeting the demands and expectations of the next generation of leaders. I personally understand the backend, “manual” processes involved in the Recruiting experience, and I believe this understanding will transition well into helping you drive this industry into the social and mobile space.

I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with either you or a member of your team on how I could contribute to the success of CareerCloud.

We think its one of the best cold pitch emails ever written to proactively search for work. Do you agree? We aren’t hiring right now but you can bet this job seeker left an impression on us. The next time we need to find someone she’ll be on our short-list.

Here are some other cold-email tips to get yourself in front of employers:

1. Find out who the decision maker is and get their email address. Just sending to a generic email may get lost or tossed.

2. Pitch your best skills and what you can do for the company.

3. Be brief but be memorable. The above example tells us the author put time and effort into writing it. 

4. Follow up. Make sure they got the email by sending a follow up message or call them.