Don't Quit Your Job on a Whim - You Might Regret It

A CareerCloud user wrote to us recently that his relative, a cousin who we'll call John, quit his job 4 days after starting because he didnt like working for his boss. He just couldn't stand her personality at all. She talked down to him and made him feel worthless. 

John is in his early 30s and living on his own with no kids. He is looking for another gig but hasnt had a any luck yet.

Sometimes, because of the circumstances, you have no choice but to quit your job without another one lined up. And some people have enough money in savings that they can realistically quit a job and live off savings until they figure out what to do next.

But most people live paycheck to paycheck. And they may have family to support. So quitting like John did is not something they can do on a whim. 

Here are some things to think about before you quit without a safety net.

  • One: employers like to see continuos employment on a resume. They dont like gaps so you could become a red flag for them.
  • Two: it may well take considerably longer to find a job than anticipated. Depending on your industry you may find that months go by without any luck.
And there's something else to consider. You have much less leverage in salary negotiation when you don't currently hold a job. The employer knows you are more desperate.

So think twice before leaving your current job without another one lined up. Job hunting while employed is a pain but do what you have to do to line up another position. Your savings account will thank you.