Job Search Notes #4

It's time for another roundup of interesting stories from the job search world. Here's what caught our eye in the past few weeks. Check out the past job search notes we've compiled. It's good stuff :-)

* How to get fired from your job before it even starts. Another example of a dumb job seeker posting something on Facebook they shouldn't have. Read more. is a new matching tool for employers and job seekers. Check it out.

Lunchcruit wants to get you a free lunch and a job. Read about it here. Seems like a good idea but we wonder how it will scale.

Amazon is making big hiring plans for their many fulfillment centers across the US. They need another 6,000 workers to pick, pak and ship.

DID YOU KNOW? now gets 54% of their traffic from mobile devices. Their company review section now has 8 million reviews. They send 30 million email alerts per day. Their global web traffic is now at 180 million uniqes per month and counting.

* Blue collar jobs like roofers, loggers and garbage collectors are among the 20 deadliest jobs in the U.S according to a new study published by Bloomberg.

* SelfieJobs? Apply for the job with a "like" according to this new app. (it was bound to happen folks)

* Twitter: if you are job hunting and have a twitter account read this important advice piece. Hint: Twitter is like a business card. 

* 25 Best Cities for job seekers right now according to Glassdoor. Raleigh, Kansas City and Oklahoma City are their top 3. See if your city made the list.

QUICK TIP: heading into your first job? Here are 3 great hacks to help you succeed. 

  1. Never go into a meeting without a notepad and a pen. 

  2. Keep your emails to under 300 words.

  3. Go to lunch with a co-worker in the first day or two. Ask them for tips on office culture.