16 Types of Content Employers Should Be Sharing on Social Media

Many employers struggle with what to tell job seekers when it comes to working at their company. At the same time job seekers are constantly searching for tidbits about what the job is like and what kind of culture they’re potentially getting into. In the end, it’s about trust among the two parties. Employers need to recognize this and do a better job at recruitment messaging. That starts with creating and sharing the content job seekers want.

Social media is the critical piece of this puzzle. When used properly it enables employers to stand out and become a workplace of choice. it makes you more transparent and trustworthy.

But how exactly do you do that? Well Chris Russell, founder of CareerCloud is here to tell you.  He’s written down 16 pieces of content that you can use every day to spread the word about your jobs and work life on social media. These are the things job seekers want to know. So check out the slideshare below and get your learning on!

In addition to content you should also engage with candidates. Answer their questions from your Facebook page, reply to their tweet or give them a shout out when they make a good point on Linkedin. Don’t be passive, be proactive.

For example, Twitter chats are a great way to engage. There are many twitter chats that focus on job search topics like #omchat. Chime in one day and you’ll build your brand.

You can also utilize existing employees to amplify your message. Ask for volunteers among your workforce to help re-share and retweet what you do on social. It will only help.