Job Search Notes #3

Here's our latest installment of job search news & notes. A collection of interesting and important tidbits for job seekers everywhere. Want more? View past notes here.

RESUME TEMPLATE: There are lots of interesting resume templates online that you can get for free. Just google 'free resume template'. But here's an interesting one that caught our eye for fifteen bucks.

SNAPCHAT: TheSnapchat Resume is here. Check out how one job seeker used Snapchat to make a resume. It got him noticed by Business Insider.

MANAGE YOUR JOB SEARCH: Jobhero is a job search management tool that you might find useful. Get it

LINKEDIN FOR ANDROID: Linkedin finally launches its job search app for Android users. Get it.

CHAT ON LINKEDIN: LinkedIn Doesn’t Have a Chat App, So Caliber Built One for Them. Read about it.

JOBS FOR STUDENTS: Campus Job signing up 10,000 college per week. This new job board for college kids is gaining steam. Read about it.

VIRTUAL JOBS: Bank of America adding virtual teller jobs. Is this a sign of the times? We think so. Read about this new trend.

LOTS O' RESUMES: Google gets 200 resume for every opening. They get 1 million resumes per year. Read about it.

FREE TUITION FOR BARISTAS! Starbucks to give workers a free college education. Nice going! Read about it.