Ending the Resume Black Hole (podcast)

The resume black hole is that deep dark place where your resume gets sucked in, never to be heard from again. On today's show we’ll discuss how to avoid this job search phenomenon to make sure your resume reaches its target destination. Our guest is Martin BucklandPrincipal of Elite Resumes

Martin is one of Canada’s leading authorities on effective resume writing, high impact cover letters, successful job-search strategies, executive coaching, personal branding, interview tutoring and social media career strategies.

In a job hunt you have to be a detective.
— Martin Buckland
This episode is sponsored by Jobs2Careers. Check out the new version @  Jobs2Careers.com

This episode is sponsored by Jobs2Careers. Check out the new version @ Jobs2Careers.com

In this 30 minute career podcast we'll discuss the topics mentioned below, including;

  1. Before we get to the black hole topic whats on your mind from a job search perspective as we head into the 2015 job hunt

  2. Define ATS...When did ATS enter the recruitment sector?

  3. What is the purpose of ATS?

  4. What types of companies use ATS systems?

  5. How does this impact a persons’ job search and resume submission?
  6. So Martin...What are the key components of an ATS friendly resume?

  7. Where do we find these keywords?

  8. Is there anything that should be avoided when creating an ATS resume?

  9. Is it possible to have one resume that works for all client levels, the ATS and the human eye?

  10. How are your job search clients getting jobs, got a recent success story to share?