More Tips for your Video Interview

One of the fastest growing methods of job interview is the video chat job interview. According to a survey by OfficeTeam more than six out of 10 HR managers in the United States now use video to interview job candidates. As pressure on HR managers to reduce recruitment costs soars, this type of job interview is expected to continue growing. If you are looking to progress your career, you might come across the video chat job interview sooner than you think. Here are a number of practical tips to help you tackle the video chat interview.

Location, Location… Location – When you shortlist possible locations for the interview, you must take into account a number of factors. These might make the difference between progressing further in the process or not. Pay attention to: 

·      The background behind you and the immediate settings next to you. The interviewer will see the background behind you and depending on the webcam, the areas next to you. Therefore, chose a location that you can temporarily stage so it comes across suitable for the occasion. 

·      Light is essential, as computers, tablets and smartphones have no continuous lighting. Preferably chose a location with natural light. Regardless of the form of light, make sure it is facing or above you, rather than shines from behind. In the latter case, the interviewer won’t see beyond a dark shadow.

·      Internet connection is paramount to establish the video link. Your chosen location must have stable Internet connection to avoid any interruptions during the interview.

·      Finally, to make sure you can hear the interviewer’s questions and in return they can hear your answers, the area should be a quiet one. 

Download and Install On Time – Once you agree to the video interview, the HR manager or recruiter will send you a confirmation email with instructions to download the video chat software. If you had plenty of warning, download and install it well before the interview starts. Doing this a couple of minutes before the actual interview might not be sufficient, and it will put unnecessary pressure on you.  Furthermore, some apps and services such as Skype, Google Hangout and a few others require you to have a user account. If you haven’t one, the process of signing up will also require a few minutes of your time. 

Consider A Fallback Device – Most video chat apps are cross device and cross platform. It means that they are suitable for computers as well as tablets and smartphones. They are also suitable on various platforms from windows to apple. In case your original device crashes, losses power etc., it is a good idea to have a backup device already configured with the software. Typical scenario would be having the software installed on your desktop or laptop, but also on your smartphone or tablet to fallback on.

Get Familiar With the Software – If you want to feel more confident before the interview, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the video chat software assuming you haven’t used it before. There are two recommended ways to do this:

·      Arrange a Mock Interview – Ask a friend or family member to video call you and ask a number of questions. Take this opportunity to practice answering the call, testing your speakers and microphone. 

·      View YouTube Tutorial – YouTube is not just about cats doing cute things, it has a vast knowledge base of tutorials on almost any software. Take a few moments to watch one.  

During the Interview – Start by siting upright with both feet planted on the ground and avoid slouching. To best simulate eye contact, look straight at the webcam for a considerable portion of the time. Drag the video chat window next to the webcam, so when you look at the chat window, you are looking at the camera. Don’t multitask during the interview give your full attention to the interviewer. If the interview is cut short due to a technical fault with tour device, switch to your backup device. If the Internet connection is lost, restart your router or use your cellphone carrier for a signal. If the interview cannot be continued by means of video chat, suggest continuing by phone so you don’t miss your opportunity.

After the Interview – Send an email thank you to the interviewer. Follow up with any answers or documentations they require from you. Make yourself available to any questions they might have.

This post was submitted by The Carling Partnership, an international search and selection company in the drink industry. Looking for more video interview tips? Check out last year's podcast with Ben Martinez from HireVue.