My Boss Sucks Because...

Does your boss suck? We asked for anonymous "boss" feedback from our users and here's a few gripes from the workers of the world who just had to vent. They say people quit their bosses, not their jobs. Yeah, thats about right. Especially when you read these.

  • My former boss sucked because:  when I told him that I got engaged, he didn't look up from his computer. He just looked straight ahead and said, "Well I just signed a lease that will last longer than your marriage".
  • My boss sucks because: they suffer from ADHD and are all over the place.
  • My boss sucks because: She works for Google, Princeton MBA grad, and can't remember decisions she made 24 hours before. Says her friends "just hate that about me." So do her business reports. Really sucks when you're her administrative assistant.
  • My boss sucks because: he hired me to do one thing then wants me to do another.
  • MY boss sucks because: the forces us to work overtime when everyone else in the company gets to leave at 5. And to top it off he comes in late every day!
  • My boss sucks because: he micromanages his employees and drives us crazy.
  • My boss sucks because: he only talks work 24/7. Cant even make small talk with the employees.
  • My boss sucks because: he expects everyone to work as late as he does.
  • My boss sucks becauseshe's a super smart, super hot blonde twenty-something who's gotten everything she wants her entire life, regardless of the mean-girl way she treats people. Oh, and she's the owner's daughter.

Makes us want to go see Horrible Bosses 2, ya know.