Top 10 Articles on CareerCloud in 2015

We published a lot of great career advice this year. But which ones made the cut as the most popular? Well, we just finished reviewing our web stats and put together our list of the most read articles on CareerCloud in 2015.

Thanks to everyone who wrote, read and shared our content this year!

1. 15 Practical Tips to Find a Job in Another State. Apparently a lot of people are looking to relocate. This article offers a number of crowdsourced tips to do just that.

2.  How to Pass a Pre-employment Assessment. Sometimes candidates have to go through one of those employments tests in order to make the cut. Learn what to do if you are asked to take one.

3. 10 Job Sites You Should be Posting Your Resume On. Today's job search is all about maximizing your exposure. Here are the best job sites to make sure your resume gets seen.

4. Auto Response from Employer That Blew Us Away. We love when employers do funny things that make them endearing to job seekers.

5. How a $5 Resume Got Her Hired. Got to love this creative story about a job seeker who used Fiverr to elevate herself and her resume.

6. 5 Free Sites to Source Resumes. Are you a recruiter looking for more places to find candidates for free? Try out these zero cost tools.

7. Things You Need to Know If You Haven't Job Hunted in 5 years. Is your job search out of touch? Use this article to learn whats changed.

8. 17 Practical Tips to Find a Job in Another Country. Looking to go overseas to work? Read these tips first.

9. Ten Things Recruiters Look for on a Resume. This article will help you think like a recruiter when it comes to writing your resume.

10. Indeed Job Search Hacks. These two popular video screencasts will teach you to make your job search experience more efficient.