Interview with a Young Recruiter

We ran into a young lad recently who just joined a recruiting firm. So we asked this newbie, Max Snyder, to answer a few questions about his new experience in the recruiting industry. Here's a quick "day in the life" interview.

Who are you and what firm do you work for?

My name is Maxwell Joseph Snyder and I am a Creative Recruiter for ThinkTPG. ThinkTPG is the Creative and Marketing division for Top Prospect Group. Top Prospect Group specializes in staffing professionals in multiple industries including IT, Finance/Accounting and Creative/Marketing. ThinkTPG, being a division of Top Prospect Group, focuses on staffing Creative and Marketing professionals.   We work with a wide range of professionals; such as copywriters, project managers, digital art directors, account executives, and much more!  Our Goal is to Partner with our candidates and clients to assist in their growth, both personally and professionally.

How long have you been a recruiter---what did you do previously?

I have been a Creative Recruiter at ThinkTPG for a few months now. Before working with ThinkTPG, I had my own business called Puzzle with Me. There we created therapeutic jigsaw puzzles for caregivers to use as an activity while spending time with someone who has Alzheimer’s or dementia. I was in charge of sales, administration, fulfillment, client acquisitions, trade shows, brand and product design and the list goes on. Being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming especially if you are selling a niche product.

What were the first few weeks on the job like?

Starting a new job is never easy. In fact, it can be quite stressful.  The first day at work, I remember having butterflies in my stomach, despite knowing I was going to be fine. I “learned the ropes” of the office, became familiar with my colleagues and took some of their advice. The most valuable thing anyone can do when starting a new career; is to listen and learn. I absorbed what I was told and spent my first few weeks shadowing my colleagues and learning different approaches and styles. I learned recruiting techniques, researched job positions/titles, practiced negotiating skills, all in efforts to make me a better recruiter.

Working as a recruiter at ThinkTPG has become very important to me. As a recruiter you are responsible for understanding that there is more to a candidate then just a resume. It’s taking that extra step to meet with the candidate face-to- face to learn more about their qualifications and career desires, beyond what is written on their resume.

Made any placements yet?

Yes! Within my first month of working at ThinkTPG, I was able to help my candidate find a new career path. It was very rewarding and reaffirming to be able to accomplish this within my first month at ThinkTPG.

What has surprised you most about being a recruiter?

I was pleasantly surprised at how good the job market is.

What type of people make good recruiters?

A good recruiter is someone who is comfortable in his or hers own skin. This person is confident and has an outgoing personality. A good recruiter is someone is ready to speak to everyone and anyone with no fear of rejection. That is the type of person that will make for a good recruiter.

What advice do you have for other recent grads who might be considering a career in recruiting?

Make sure you know that to be successful in this career path you have to be willing to work harder and longer than most in order to reap the long term rewards. This is a career where the more effort you put into it, the more beneficial it will be.

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