How to Overcome Jobsearch ADD

NEW PODCAST! Job seekers with ADD: Essentials for Managing the Search Process and Ensuring the Best Job Fit

Lisa Noble is the founder of Career Connectors LLC. A graduate of the University of Virginia, she has 15 years of  experience as a hiring manager for Fortune 500 companies (IBM, Bayer Healthcare and Prudential) and top WPP marketing agencies, giving her deep insight into what HR recruiters and managers are looking for in candidates they hire. Read her other articles on CareerCloud.

Topics in this episode include;

- How prevalent is ADD or ADHD among job seekers?

- What if your client doesn’t tell you they have ADD/ADHD, or doesn’t know. Are there behaviors or other indicators a coach can look for? 

- What are some common challenges unique to job seekers with ADD/ADHD? How are they different from other job seekers?

- Everyone has a bit of anxiety as they present themselves to potential employers. What sorts of negative self-talk do job seekers with ADD/ADHD engage in, and how can a career coach help them?

- What sorts of work environments and roles are best for these types of candidates?

- What strategies do you recommend for job seekers to help them adapt to their workplace if they can’t change it?

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Tools mentioned in this show;

O*NET Interest Profiler web-based shortform -- based on the Holland Interest Inventory, this tool gives you scores on 6 dimensions: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional. The combination of the top 2-3 dimensions can be mapped to professions that rely on these skills, giving you a set of 5-10 choices that are relevant for you.

O*NET Career Exploration and Job Analysis Website -- This allows you to look for career paths that fit your skills, aptitudes, knowledge, job activities, values, preferred work style and work context.

Fascination Advantage -- a validated personality test which helps you understand how others see you when you're at your best and worst. It helps you see your future potential if you find a job that allows you to be your best, and gives you language to use to describe what makes you awesome to future employers (a personal brand).