7 ways to stay motivated during your job search

The world would be an excellent place if it were possible to submit one callback, get one interview, and land a job immediately. Unfortunately, the job searching process is a little more complex than that. Job searches can take a while, and at times, it may seem easy to lose hope and throw caution to the wind. You aren’t going to get the results you want if you take that approach. It’s important to stay motivated if you want to land a great job.

1. Keep a niche blog

You probably know what field you want to work in, especially if you’ve been searching exclusively for jobs within that realm. Have you ever considered keeping a blog about relevant trends, news, and opinions on things in that field? Keeping a blog will engage your passion and career ambitions. It also has the added benefit of boosting your presence in search engines, leaving something behind for potential employers to look at.

2. Speak to other job hunters

If you can find a group of friends, an online forum, or a Facebook group where everyone is also looking for a job, that can help you maintain your focus. Exchanging tips with others, offering encouragement, and celebrating each other’s successes will create a support system you love to turn to.

3. Keep track of your goals and progress

What are you trying to do, and how close are you to accomplishing it? Keep track of what your goals are. Set yourself reasonable milestones to accomplish during the week. Having a set plan will keep you on track, and you’ll be less discouraged when you see how much you’ve actually accomplished throughout your job search. Nothing is worse than being too ambitious and setting yourself up for failure.

4. Treat each interview as a learning experience

You can’t win every time. Inevitably, there will be some interviews where you feel as though you put your best foot forward, but you never get the call back. There may be other interviews where the interviewer throws you off guard, and causes you to tank. This happens to everyone, and it’s normal. The important thing is that you learn from every interview. What went well? What needs improvement? How can you showcase your strengths better than you did the last time? Use this to prepare yourself for future opportunities.

5. Polish your skills

Refining your skills will make you a better candidate, and it’s something that will allow you to see immediate results. You’ll be growing as a person, gaining knowledge, and improving your strength as a potential employee. If you can find courses to take or mobile apps to use, you’ll find it’s relatively easy to work education into your routine.

6. Work on your patience and stress management techniques

Don’t allow yourself to succumb to depression, or let your stress levels soar through the ceiling. The moment you become defeated, you’ll fall into a slump. Try relaxation techniques and new thinking patterns. Meditation, yoga, and keeping a journal are some of the easiest ways to go about keeping yourself in a positive mindset.

7. Take a day off once in a while

When you submit a resume, there’s a chance things will work out for you. If you burn yourself out, you have no hope. Letting yourself feel fatigued and overwhelmed by your job search will only set you back. You get days off from work, and you need days off from a job search. Go out and have a few drinks with your friends on a Saturday night. Spend Sunday in bed with a book or your laptop. You have all week to search for a job, and you need the time to take your mind off of the stresses.

Most importantly, don’t give up! Sooner or later, everything will align in your favor. With great perseverance, your determination will bring your search to a successful conclusion.

Kelly Smith is Content Manager at Career FAQs, Australia’s leading portal on online learning and career resources. She is interested in new tech solutions and self-improvement ideas