Why Having a Blog Can Jumpstart Your Career

In many ways it seems that almost everyone has a blog these days. Scour the internet and you find blogs on so many topics it’s often mindboggling. Travel, beauty, business, cats; blogs exist about almost every subject one can think of.

Many of these bloggers do so as a full-time job. They are able to support their blogs with paid advertising and branded content, and a number of these intrepid bloggers make more than enough to support themselves in a comfortable lifestyle.

But what if you’re looking for a job, and you don’t necessarily want blogging to be your career path? Can a personal blog help you in other ways?

The answer to that question is an absolute yes. The way that companies and their managers screen potential employees has changed a great deal, and your blog could get your application placed at the top of the stack.

Here’s why.

It Shows You Can Write

The ability to write in a clear and concise way is a skill that not many people have, and it’s a skill that can make you an attractive candidate for a job. Whether you’re writing about sports or fashion, the ability to write from your own unique perspective and illustrate your points in a creative way shows employers that not only are you a talented writer, but you’re also committed and passionate, all great ways to impress your new boss.

Plus, if you blog regularly this sends the message that you’re dedicated and can adhere to a self-imposed schedule. Managers love that kind of thing.

It Creates Your Digital Footprint

A simple resume on a piece of paper just doesn’t cut it anymore. Hiring managers are increasingly turning to the internet to verify the skills, qualifications, and job histories of applicants. If a manager googles your name and finds a blog, he or she is more apt to consider you more carefully.

Why? A blog lends you a certain level of credibility. It also gives the manager access to more information about you, and a blog does that in a way that a simple resume simply can’t.

It Doubles as Your Resume

Speaking of resumes, your blog can be your calling card if you want it to be. If you’ve got your eye on a certain career or industry, start writing about that. Learn more about the movers and shakers in that industry and write profiles of them. Do your own research and write about your own ideas.

When it comes time to apply for your dream job be sure to include the link to your blog in your application. You’ll have already displayed that you’re the best person for the job by your proven interest and research into subjects that are timely and relevant.

It Shows You’re Tech Savvy

Creating a blog page is not terribly difficult, but it does require a certain amount of knowledge of how Web platforms work and what makes them tick. Considering all of the plug-ins that are available today and the many ways that a web page can be customized, if yours looks good and functions well you’ll likely already have your potential new boss in your corner.

Do you have a blog but you’re not happy with its appearance or functionality? Check out tutorials on YouTube to learn more about how to make your blog shine.

It Gives You Credibility

If your blog is specific to an industry, such as fashion or cooking, and you’re hoping to find a job within that industry, a good and well written blog can lend you credibility that other applicants might not be able to display. This could be a huge boost for your career.

Companies love it when people who are already brand-loyal and knowledgeable about their products are interested in an available position, so highlight that on your blog. Product reviews, tutorials, and infographics are all ways to let a company know that you’re passionate about their work and want very much to be a part of it.

Blogging can certainly be a career in and of itself, but it’s also a great way to help you find the career that you really want. Use your blog wisely and to your best advantage and you just might find a path to a profession that never knew existed.