5 Things You Can Do With Your Social Resume

Think of your Social Resume on CareerCloud as a personal branding tool. Use it to market yourself in a job search or as a socialhomepage” to increase your followers on social media. Sign up.

Here are five specific things you can do with it;

  1. Put the URL on your email signature…Just click the copy link item from the header to get it. All social resumes follow the same syntax of profile.careercloud.com/name

  2. Print it as a PDF…Just click the button in the upper left to print or save in PDF format. Tip: use it as a complement to your paper resume.

  3. Share it on social media…Tweet it, Facebook it or share on Google Plus. Let your social friends check it out! You can also put it on your profiles like twitter. That will help people discover you on the other social platforms you use.

  4. Embed it on your website or blog…Use our handy badges to showcase it on your personal site. They come in 4 designs and all link directly to your public Social Resume.

  5. Put it on your paper resume…In fact put it on all your job search correspondence so people can easily find it.