How I Got My Job in Marketing

Rebecca Mersiowsky of CoPatient in Boston

Rebecca Mersiowsky of CoPatient in Boston

It's time for another episode of How I Got My Job. This time we spoke with Rebecca Mersiowsky. She got her job as a Marketing Associate for a healthcare startup in Boston called CoPatient.

In this episode we'll discuss how she searched for and landed the job, detailing you on every step. Here's a general outline of the show.

  • How did you start your search? (name sites and any preparation you did)
  • Where did you learn about the job initially?
  • Detail the hiring process from start to finish 
  • How many interviews did you have in total through your job search?
  • How many jobs did you apply to in total?
  • Did you write your own resume?
  • What was the biggest surprise you encountered in your job hunt?
  • What sites or resources did you find most useful in your job hunt?
  • What advice do you have for other job seekers?

Are you a job seeker who wants to share your story in an upcoming show? Just contact us.