Podcast: How Jobseekers Can Brag About Themselves Without Feeling Sleazy

Ramon Santillan is an Interview Consultant in Houston, TX where he teaches professionals on how to better sell themselves. We recently spoke to Ramon to get his thoughts on how job seekers can brag about themselves without feeling too sleazy. Learn more about Ramon here. In this episode;

  • Whats your background?

  • How exactly do you teach people to brag about themselves without feeling sleazy?

  • What's the difference between bragging and promoting yourself?

  • How do you project confidence when you're introverted?

  • Im embarrassed bragging about what I have accomplished. How do ingest over that?

  • Do I have to sell myself? Shouldn't  my qualifications do that for me?

  • How does bragging translate to your resume, do you have any advice there?

  • Biggest mistakes job seekers make on the interview?

  • And for employers?

  • Any interview horror stories?

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