Interview with a Social Recruiter - Nicole Lindberg

Today we are debuting the first in a new series of blog posts with social recruiters who are making a mark on the recruitment industry. This post will feature Nicole Lindberg, Sourcing Strategist with Exact Target in Indianapolis. Nicole has been a big supporter of InstaJob, so we thought we'd return the favor and turn the spotlight on this super sourcer!

If you or someone you know is a super social recruiter and want to be featured,  please contact us .

1. Introduce long have you been recruiting/sourcing?

My name is Nicole Lindberg, a Sourcing Strategist with the Global Recruiting team for the salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. I’ve been in the world of recruiting for just about three years now, but only learned the true meaning of ‘sourcing’ when I came onboard with the ExactTarget team a year ago. 

2. How did you land at Exact Target?

In my previous role as an HR Generalist, I spent quite a bit of time focused on recruiting efforts for the company. However, I became very intrigued by roles that were 100% focused on connecting talent with great opportunities so I began to keep my ears open for local openings. It was a colleague of mine who connected me to this specific role with ExactTarget, ironically enough, by showing me an Instajob that appeared in her Twitter feed. The Instajob had been created by my now manager, Andre, and paired a humorous picture from the office with the job posting for my current role. For me this only solidified the rumors I’d heard of ExactTarget’s amazing culture, so I pursued the role- and what do you know, things worked out!

3. What role does social media play in your recruiting strategy?

At the rate we’re growing, it’s challenging just to find candidates to fill your roles, not to mention trying to find the best candidates. Especially with so many other recruiters targeting the same great talent, you have to find ways to differentiate yourself, and social media has been our game changer. It’s not enough to send a LinkedIn message and move on to the next person you want to contact, you have to personalize every piece of correspondence. Why do you think this person is a good fit for a role or with your company culture? You have to tell them. By using social media to do a little “homework” on individuals we reach out to, it makes for a more personal experience as well as a better conversation. If you’ve already referenced an article they tweeted or a blog they write for, it enables you to build a rapport a little quicker as well. 

4. Do you have a favorite social recruiting success story?

While this particular story did not end in a hire for our company, I certainly consider it a personal success. I was working on a technical sales role in the Northeast near the beginning of the year and was struggling to receive the response I was hoping for solely using LinkedIn, so I started to do some digging. There was one candidate in particular who seemed to have great potential, so with some research, I came across his Google+ page. Since he worked for a social company and seemed to appreciate technology, I went for it and attempted to chat him in a ‘hangout’. Sure enough, he responded and we scheduled a phone conversation. He proceeded fairly far into our process but unfortunately withdrew due to an internal opportunity he’d been hoping for; however, we still keep in touch and I have a great feeling he’ll join our team someday. 

5. What advice do you have for other recruiters to get more out of social media recruiting?

Our team recently looked back at our first official Tweets, and got quite a laugh. It’s amazing how far we’ve come with our social recruiting efforts, but also how much further we have to go. My first piece of advice would definitely be to think outside of the box, but do so strategically. If you focus on one area of social media at a time, you can then share your tips and tricks with others on your team enabling them to become stronger recruiters. There are so many features to some of these social media channels, like Twitter, that are perfect for recruiting purposes, but it just takes some time to see what works for you and what doesn’t. I also feel to really get the most you can out of social media recruiting, it helps if you have a personal presence on various channels whether that be Twitter, Instagram, About.Me; something that links you to your company and its brand. 

6. You've been a prolific user of our InstaJob app, why are visuals so important to your social strategy?

It’s one thing to tell someone why your company is different from the rest, but it’s another to show it and generally speaking, people are much more interested in a visual versus text. Instajob enables me to showcase our company culture in a very efficient and effective way. Thinking back to my own personal experience seeing the ExactTarget Instajob advertising my current position; it was creative and fun which intrigued me, causing me to dig deeper into researching the role. I want someone to have the same type of experience when they see an Instajob I’ve published.