10 Basics Every Job Seeker Must Know

Many job seekers sometimes forget the basics of a good job search. So we put together a list of ten things everyone should be doing to maximize their chances of getting hired. For a more in depth list of basics, read our previous post called the Biggest Damn List of Job Search Basics.

1. RESUME: Stick to a 1-2 page resume. As a general rule of thumb, one page = 10 years of experience.

2. RESUME: Put the URL of your Linkedin profile or Social Resume on it near the contact section. Recruiters will want to see it.

3. RESUME: If you write your own resume, show it to 3 friends first to have them proof-read it. Another set of eyes will help spot typos. 

4. INTERVIEW: Be prepared, show up on time and dress well.

5. INTERVIEW: Always send a thank you note if its a job you truly want.

6. INTERVIEW: Research the company so you can talk about it intelligently.

7. INTERVIEW: A weak handshake will make a weak first impression.

8. JOBS: Maximize your use of job boards. Cast a wide net.

9. JOBS: Post your resume to job boards in order to be found.

10. JOBS: Don't think of it as job hunting, think of it as 'company hunting'. Find a firm you'll want to work at and get your foot in the door.