Our annual List of Top 10 States for Hidden Jobs

Hidden Jobs App (formerly located at hiddenjobsapp.com) has been tracking new hiring initiatives since the spring of 2011. Each year we put together a list of the top states with the most job leads. This year’s race saw California take the top spot. They had the most job leads in the past 90 days. Last year’s leader, Texas, dropped to 5th. The Midwest had two states in the top 10 via Pennsylvania and Ohio. While California and Arizona represented western states. The South had the most states (6) in the leader board.


1. California 14,040 job leads (view)

2. Ohio 8,039 job leads (view)

3. Tennessee 7,497  job leads (view)

4. Florida 6,883 job leads (view)

5. Texas 6,889 job leads (view)

6. Arizona 6,364 job leads (view)

7. Georgia 4,888 job leads (view)

8. North Carolina 4,315 job leads (view)

9. Pennsylvania 4,292 job leads (view)

10. Virginia 3,362 job leads (view)

Job numbers as of November 25th, 2013

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