Create Visual Job Ads from your Smartphone, Make Your Jobs More Appealing

Target Audience: hiring managers, recruiters, social media managers, small business owners. 

What if you could take any picture from your iPhone and instantly turn it into a visual job ad for your business, then easily share it across your social media channels?

Well there's an app for that and its name is InstaJob. Already in use by dozens of companies across the globe, its a great way to humanize your company and drive traffic to your career site.

The very first "instajob" published on July 18th, 2013 by @factsetcareers on Twitter.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Anytime you post something to social media its guaranteed to get more engagement (i.e. more clicks, more retweets, more shares) if there's a picture attached. InstaJob is the perfect tool for that! Now you dont have to post boring text based job ads.  

Using InstaJob in your social recruiting will help in three ways. 

1. More targeted traffic to your career site. Each picture has your career site url on it and when you post to sites like twitter and Linkedin that link will be clickable resulting in actual visitors. 

2. Employment branding through pictures. Use it to showcase your office environment, building and employees. Show off what its like to work there by taking pictures of your business in action. Candidates are more interested in "seeing" what it's like to work there.

3. Better social engagement. Its a fact that tweets and posts to social media get more clicks and shares when a picture is attached. Make sense since we are all visual creatures. 

InstaJob is currently available only for iOS and Android for just $2.99 per download. You can post unlimited visual job ads from the app once you download it.